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Operator Assisted

With CCI’s operator-assited audio conferencing service, you receive a dedicated conference operator who personally greats all call participants, captures call information as directed by the call host, and places all participants into the call in a “listen only” mode. After announcing the start of the call and introducing any speakers or moderators, the conference operator will remain available to handle your Question & Answer session, voting/polling sessions, or any other operator service you require to ensure your call is executed flawlessly.

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Standard Features of Operator-Assisted

  • Q&A Sessions: When the call host is ready for questions from the audience, your CCI operator will provide participants instructions on how to enter the queue. Your operator will then introduce the participant indicating they are live and can propose their question to the host.
  • Polling: When the call host is ready to poll the audience, your CCI operator will provide participants with instructions on how the polling procedure will work. Your operator will then read the polling questions to the participants followed by the possible answers and their corresponding numbers found on the participant’s touch-tone phone. Your operator will repeat the questions and answers and then will ask for the participants to enter their answers on their touch-tone phones. Your operator can provide you with the results live on the call, by fax or e-mail to the host during the call, or with the call report at its conclusion.
  • Pre and Post Sub-Conferences: All speakers, hosts, and staff can be connected and placed into a pre-call sub-conference 15 minutes prior to the start time of the conference. This allows you to review any last minute details and preparations before your main conference begins. Your CCI operator will monitor your pre-sub-conference to answer any questions and ensure everyone is prepared for the call and can perform roll-call functions notifying the participants of who has joined the call.
  • Host Training: Two days prior to the scheduled conference,  CCI will conduct a training call with the speakers, host, or necessary staff. During the training call, the CCI operator will review the script of the call, perform basic sound checks, answer questions, and provide helpful hints.

Additional Features of Operator-Assisted

  • International Access: For your international associates, CCI offers international conferencing services. Your CCI operator can perform any of our standard services for international dial-out or international toll-free number dial-in calls. Rates and availability for international participants will vary on a country-by-country basis.
  • Call Recording and Delivery: Upon your request, CCI will provide you with a master recording of the conference call in CD or digital format no later than 5 business days after the call is completed. CCI records all calls with the highest level of clarity and quality available allowing for a quicker turn-around time. CCI provides call recordings in the following formats:
    • A master CD shipped directly to your company
    • Any number of additional CD’s shipped directly to your company
                 or to each participant, speaker, host or staff.
  • Playback: A recording of the call can also be made available via telephone dial-in, immediately following the call. Participants simply dial a pre-assigned dial-in number, enter a PIN, and listen to the call. Now anyone can listen to your call, even if they are unable to attend the live session.

Operator-Assisted Audio Conferencing Services With Secure PIN

With CCI’s operated-assisted secure PIN services, participants dial into a toll-free number at a prearranged time, enter their unique secure PIN, and are placed into the call in a “listen only” mode.

Attached to each secure PIN, is the participant’s contact information which allows the host to receive a complete attendance report once the call is completed. With a secure PIN, your participants are allowed one user per call ensuring complete security and control of your conference. A secure PIN also allows callers to automatically join the call without needing a check-in with an operator or having to wait on hold. This gives you the ability to have 10 times as many participants join your call at any given time.

In addition to the secure PIN feature, CCI conferencing operators monitor your entire conference call. They are available to check sound quality, conduct call introductions, Q&A sessions, voting/polling, and any other operator service you require to ensure your call is executed flawlessly.

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