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Reserved Automated

With Reserved Automated, your conference is scheduled for a specific date and time. This increases security to your call. Reserved Automated calls can receive assistance from an operator to help with technical questions. With Reserved automated the host runs the call and can control participants lines with touch tone commands. Perfect for scheduled meetings of 3 - 99 lines.

  • Scheduled date & Time
  • Security protected and unique PIN codes
  • Domestic toll free numbers
  • International toll free numbers
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Recordings
  • Attendance/Roll call feature
  • Private corporate branding for on hold music
  • Large call capacity (1,000+ users)
  • Dial out to new participants
  • Conference reports
  • One-touch operator assistance

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No matter what you call them - webinars or audio conferences saved a number of bottom lines in 2009. I see publishers now moving these platforms into serious business drivers in 2010 and beyond. The revenue and the profits are very real and very significant and the model being employed can be replicated by anyone.

I love the professionalism of your operators. They are so on the ball. I love it!

CCI services are so easy to use. Making the switch was the best decision for our company.

Thank you CCI. I had a stressful call today that could have gone bad quickly. Because of the quick response of your staff we solved the issue and my call was great… thank you!

I love your billing. In the past we have had issues with other vendors getting us the details we needed on our bills. I am glad those days are over

I wanted to send a quick note to tell you thank you for always making me feel like your biggest client. I know we don’t do as many conferences as many others; however, you always take the time to make sure my needs are addressed. I appreciate that and enjoy working with you.

Your rates are so incredible that I was worried about the service I would receive. I have been a client now for a year and I am so pleased every time I see my bill because I am getting the service I need at a rate I can afford.

Your operators sound so professional on my calls. I am always getting compliments from my attendees.